Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick fix - Beachy wavy hair in 5 minutes flat.

I have wavy hair for about 2 months and I guess the curls have unraveled a fair bit. It looks wavy-ish and there's no bounce. Sigh, all that money down the drain.

Then I saw this video this morning!

Greatly inspired to add bounce in my hair and steps, I fired up the trusty curler and curled sections of my hair. I didn't curl every single strand, since I'd be so very late for work. Instead I curled maybe 4 sections, 2 to frame the face and 2 to add definition. I didn't even add any product to hold the curls. The aim was to add a little definition and volume. I just thought, curling every section would seem like an overkill. I don't want to end up looking like a poodle in a dog pageant.

I know it's blurry and my hair looked like crap now since it's 5pm. But hey, some of the curls are still holding up really nicely!

I consider this a win for me!

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