Friday, August 12, 2011

Saving money, drugstore brand and the outbreak.

I guess I'm grumpy because of stress from work and the gazillions of little bumps on my face. Despite my (now futile) attempt to properly cleanse my face of makeup, I've ended with worse skin than I started.

I bought into the cleansing oil craze and I wanted to go with Dermalogica's Precleanse as I'm an avid follower of the brand. I've been using it for years and the products never break me out. But Dermalogica's products aren't cheap. Precleanse actually costs around $70 a bottle!

I wanted to try a drugstore brand, because the cleansing oil was just suppose to remove every trace of makeup and you wash with regular cleanser after. Plus, if it's something I need to use everyday, I should be looking at something that won't break the bank. Since my cousin had no problem with it, I tried my hand (and face) with the Biore Cleansing Oil.

Yeah it didn't break my bank, it broke my face.

It worked for about 2 weeks and then the nightmare started. It began as just a few little bumps on my cheek, and I thought it could be Bella Bamba that's the culprit. So I stopped putting on blush and looked pale and dead for about a week.

It got worse. Red angry bumps were starting around the jaw. The few little bumps on my cheeks grew like a weed and they were everywhere. My face felt really congested and the pimples along my jawline hurt.

-- They felt like grains of sugar on my face. It's that bad. No need for thanks for the lovely image I've planted in your head.

I look diseased. I feel like crap. I've started using sample size of Precleanse to err remedy the situation. It's only been a day and my face is still feeling congested. :(

I wonder if Precleanse will clog my pores like Biore. Why is that my skin gets worse when I try to do good by it?!


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