Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Just the right amount.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are using all your skincare and bath products correctly? Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad. Too much night cream doesn't mean all the goodness gets absorbed into the skin. It ends up on your pillowcases and all the bacteria, oils and product can wreck havoc on your skin!

All the products we use cost a pretty penny and we want them to last as long as possible while working their magic on us. And Real Simple has a pretty nifty guide on how much is just right!

On the right: Moisturizer With SPF
Serving size: A quarter (near right).

On the left: Under-Eye Cream
Serving size: Half a pea for each eye.

Daily Conditioner

Serving size: A quarter (near right). You don’t need to use half a bottle to reap its detangling, hydrating, shine-enhancing rewards. Coat hair from mid-shaft to ends, then comb through while in the shower to saturate strands evenly. Gently brushing through dry hair before you step into the tub can also help stave off tangles once you’re under the water, says Luis Alvarez, a stylist in Cleveland and a cofounder of the Aquage hair-care line.

Shine Serum

Serving size: Two peas. Applied to wet hair, two drops will fight frizz sufficiently and keep hair sleek, says Rhys. (Since serums often have a heavy, somewhat oily texture, too much can make hair look greasy.) To tame flyaways throughout the day, rub one pea-size drop between your hands, then gently pat onto hair, working from the ends up.

For more tips, read on at Real Simple!

Link: Real Simple - How Much of These Beauty Products Should You Apply?

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