Thursday, September 15, 2011

Temptation: Motorcycle bag in all colors of the rainbow.

I've been browsing Gmarket very frequently and I'm once again enamored with the Balenciaga motorcycle bag. I had a pink one when I attended uni but due to a very unpleasant incident back in 2006, it was taken from me.

Anyway I'm itching to get a new one again! Isn't it pretty?

I know they are not the real McCoy but who cares?! I can't decide between a dove grey, mint, purple grey, red, deep mint .....

So many choices! Some colors are only available for motor bags of another size. It's a little too big for me.

Le sigh. I am thissssssssssssss tempted to get one! Love that it's quite cheap (<$30) and almost guilt-free shopping.

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