Monday, December 12, 2011

I am sick like a wounded puppy.

I'm down with a bad cold and I never thought death sounded such a good idea till now.

-- That's a meal in itself right there. 3 times a day.

So what did I do when I'm sick, face riddled with gigantic cystic acne, home alone with no food in the fridge? I made the decision to see the dermatologist. Yup, that says a lot about the priorities in my life.

High after getting my face zapped by laser (much on my skin battle later), I went to the food hall at the basement to stock up on food. Much like the hunter that I was, I bought lots of bread and a gourmet sandwich (italian sausage, rocket and fig jam. Yum I know.) which I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy.

Then I thought, I'm already sick I can't taste anything but the bitterness the meds left in my mouth, I might as well buy something fabulous and hopefully taste something to make this craptacular day better. The hell with plain porridge and chicken soup for the sick and cold stricken soul. 

I needed something awesome, like a hot bowl of mushroom soup with truffles or something. Surely I CAN taste truffle oil even when I'm ill right?

I really don't think I should go food shopping by myself when I'm delirious with fever. I make less sense than I usually do.

So how was your Monday so far?

Much love from your sniffly friend who can't breathe.

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