Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wedding - guests and hats.

I love hats and fascinators. When done right, it adds poise, class and fun. Who doesn't like accessories anyway?

That was before I laid eyes on these.

It looked like... a picture frame. It felt like she brought a gift for the happy couple! She would just remove the detachable frame and gift it so Kate and Wills can put their wedding photo up on the wall.

Princess Eugenie's fascinator was.. acceptable because someone else out-fug in the same shade of blue.

A canoe in blue. It was so big that it could double as a emergency life raft. Not to mention the overwhelming use of blue. That dress, complete with a swath of cloth which was perhaps a weak attempt at making a wrap/shawl was abysmal. Why was she there again?

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding.

I'm watching the Royal Wedding on youtube now (shhh) and I'm so insanely envious!!!

Why did I not get married in a church?? I want church bells ringing ! Wills in army uniform! And tree lined red carpet!!!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

My mind is racing.

Sometimes I feel like I've got a zillion things going on in my head. My life, my work, family, friends, am I doing this right, what's going on, oh this is making me so angry etc.

Et cetera. Et cetera, indeed.

My mind seems to racing all the time and I feel like I'm losing control.

Thing is, I can't seem to put them down in words anymore. I just logged in, and when my fingers touched the keyboard, everything seemed out of focus. What did I want to write again, I thought.

I must be going mad, or growing old. Most likely, both.

I've heard quite a few promotional snippets for the movie Limitless on the radio. And I thought about Flowers for Algernon immediately. It has remained one of the rare books I love and would love to read over and over again.

One pill. Unlimited human potential. Price to pay.

That about sums it up for both the book and the movie I guess.

It made me wonder if one day, this little space would be a telling story about my life and demise. Very grim thought for a Friday, but I guess that's what copius amount of coffee and phenylephrine do to me. The inability to focus, and being all meta about everything that's going on.

I am not making any sense and I blame it on the pills.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Return of Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl returns tomorrow evening and I simply can't wait.

The hiatus has made every single week, nay, day boring, frustratingly uneventful. There is simply no escape from the daily drone when J is not home. I have even turned to gardening, which has yet to take a disastrous turn.

[I don't know how I feel about a fully grown adult (meh) who is so into Gossip Girl.]

Anyway I have been watching the last few Gossip Girl episodes just to get up to speed with the trials and tribulations on the Upper East Side. I must reiterate, I am simply not a Dair fan.

This is a travesty. The writers just decided that everyone should just sleep with everyone in their tiny circle of friends, and now the pairing had come to Blair and Dan. This can never be. Never.

It is true perhaps in another universe, this pairing may work. Blair and Dan are easily the smartest characters in their tiny circle. Serena can barely read without jumping her teacher. Nate is a pretty boy. Chuck is a brilliant schemer. So Blair can only go with Chuck, since Dan is judgmental, petty and an intellectual snob.

And we all know that there can only be one judgmental intellectual snob in any coupling.

While I am not a fan of Dan, Chuck has let Blair (and us) down too many times to gain my unwavering support. He traded her for his hotel. He slept with a goth troll. He was rapey in at least a few episodes. He only wanted Blair back when his fling with whats-her-face didn't get him Bass Industries because "only Blair understands".

-- Drinking always helps

OMG. Chuck only wants Blair because he knows deep down, Blair works. Not because he comes to his senses and wants her back for love and ponies. He was spurned by the loss of Bass Industries and his quest for a comeback. Chuck has done nothing to prove that he deserves Blair.

Come tomorrow, the story will continue to unfold. Prince Grimaldi is back in the mix. Perhaps I'm catching the fairytale fever, but I'm actually glad that Blair is getting the fairytale she so deserves.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pictures of organized closets are misleading.

I look at organized closets and sigh with envy.

My closet looks nothing like this. I have way more clothes than that!!

This is very misleading. I hang tops and bottoms separately, color coded of course. I will not put my shoes with my clothes. Dark space, dirt on shoes and clean clothes have no business together. And no closet looks this bright and breezy because, real closets do not have windows on the other side.

[Is no one worried about faded clothes?]

Do you know whose closet I covet the most? Carrie from Sex and the City. Not the one in her small apartment because that's just not enough storage for anyone, especially her.

This is it.

Double doors. His and hers. Silk hangers.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Prince, The Pauper and The Dark Knight.


Who will Blair choose?

My senses are tingling with anticipation. I can't wait! Team Blair!!

Junior Masterchef makes me feel inadequate.

I feel like crap every time I watch Junior Masterchef Australia.

There I was, eating Campbell's minestrone soup + leftover chunks from Simon and Garfunkel soup + weird garlic bread while a 9 year old whipped up

Pheasant a la Orange with Pistachio and Cranberry Filling

Out of thin air.

Oh and the rest of the young contestants (all under 13) cooked other pheasant dishes while throwing words like boudin, dauphinoise, and la gout de la mer.

And on 1 episode, the kids had to taste this dish and replicate it.

Poached Pears in Spiced Cranberry Syrup, Vanilla Mascarpone and Tuille

It's horrible. I don't understand what the dishes are and I can't cook to save my life, but I can't not watch the show. Even though I feel anger, jealousy and hunger all at once.

God I wanna cry when I watch the show.

Pheasant a la Orange with Pistachio and Cranberry Filling - Recipe
Poached Pears in Spiced Cranberry Syrup, Vanilla Mascarpone and Tuille - Recipe
The Soup Spoon - website

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sick and no reply.

I am down with a cold and things are just starting to look grim, like a multi vehicle pile up on the highway on a Monday morning.

My client's vendors are taking forever to reply my emails, and I secretly think they are hoping that I'll forget ever sending those emails and sweeping everything under the gigantic rug. And of course the deadline is tomorrow.

[Maybe everyone is too busy staring at the multi vehicle pile up. That's why they are not replying my emails!!]

I have a cold and I'm running a temperature. I didn't sleep well because the cool side of the pillow just warmed up immediately after I laid my sleepy head on it. All that tossing and turning did not help.

And of course, I forgot to bring my meds with me this morning.

So now, I'm sick and pressed for time but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Bah humbug. *sniff*

Saturday, April 02, 2011

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