Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Want: Embrace by John Green.

I do a lot of work at home, plus I spend quite a fair bit of time online when I'm not working. The laptop gets hot and my lap goes numb when I sit crosslegged for a long time. All the wires from the laptop, mouse and portable hard disk AND remote controls for everything are ALWAYS in the way. All that, plus a big mug of coffee in bed, will end up in tears (and flames) sooner or later.

So I've been searching for a breakfast table/ laptop table to use in bed for ages. I went to Ikea, I browsed online and I have no idea how I managed to miss this.

Embrace by John Green.

So there are 2 pieces. You simple flip one and join them. Embrace!

It works as a tiny book shelf.
As a reading bench while you flip through your favourite magazines and books.

And of course, the perfect coffee table for the apartment.

This is just ingenious! Embrace is a piece of functional furniture that will blend into the home. I've looked at a few lap (?) tables and they always seem out of place when you try to put them away. I thought to myself, what's the point of buying something that would not work with every other piece of furniture in the home? It will be an eyesore, and I'll just grow to treat it like one as well.

This little table is very purrrrrty, and it will set you back about GBP265.

Embrace - John Green. [buy here]

Friday, June 24, 2011

Want, Need, Get - Got! Urban Decay Naked Palette

Omg I finally managed to get myself this.

Urban Decay Naked Palette!


Too excited. I don't know how to use it but I'm sure as hell going to figure out how by watching all the YouTube tutorials out there!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Beauty products from Pattaya,

I was so excited when I got to Thailand because I could finally visit Boots and "pretend I had forgotten to bring my toothbrush/face wash/sun block so I need to shop". Ask J, we've been to Boots almost every day since we were in Pattaya.

I bought some nice (and cheap!) face wash from Boots for like 195 baht ($7.90).

And lovely eye shadows for Boots Botanics 49 baht! I got Star Anise and Sage. Plus a lippie in "Allure" from the Poppy King collection.

A eyeshadow brush from Muji and Freshel White C BB cream from Watsons!

Quite a fair bit of people I know are crazy about BB creams. They are a foundation, moisturiser, sun block and oil control lotion all rolled into one. And I got the Freshel at 495 baht, which works out to be around $20. That's a huge bargain as it's selling for $33 back home. Win for me!

I've heard from friends that cosmetics and body products are much cheaper in Thailand because they manufacture quite a bit. Things like Sunsilk, Boots, L'oreal and Soap & Glory are everywhere and so much more affordable than back home. Perfect for the newbies like me who want to try everything without spending too much on something I'm not very sure of.

I hope I have some baht left when I'm at the airport so I can get some last minute shopping in! :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time to go home.

I'm still in Pattaya and I can't wait to go home tomorrow.

It's been nice to have a break, catch up with family and all but I don't think I can sit around and not do much for any much longer.

Since we are staying with family and we don't have a car, we are pretty much stranded in Pattaya. It is still nice. J and I go for walks on the beach almost every morning and pick shells. Have coffees and not do much.

As with all holidays, we get restless after not doing much after some time. Cocktails drunk, skin burnt, shells picked and seafood eaten. I guess it's the cue for us to go home.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A mini getaway to Pattaya.

I'm at Pattaya, visiting my in laws and family. It's good to sit and enjoy the sea breeze. It's almost 8am and I'm the only person awake in the house!

I wonder where I could find coffee in the house.

Hope this little getaway works wonders for us!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Real and tv princesses unite!

Kate Middleton attended a dinner party and her dress looked kinda familiar, doesn't it?

OMGossip Girl!

Kate, meet Princess of Monaco (to be).

OMG I can't wait for Gossip Girl to return. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if Blair spent the summer with Kate in Europe and Queen B gave Kate fashion advice for this dinner???

And with the Duchess's visit to the US, this would all play out nicely!


The Princess and the Frog - link

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