Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Want: Smooth glossy locks.

I'm a boring person when it comes to clothes, makeup and hairstyle. Especially hairstyle.

I like my hair just a certain way. No fancy cuts, no striking colors and the furthest I would try would be curling my hair. I'm just a lazy girl who would rather sleep in for another 10 minutes than spend that time blowdrying and styling my hair in the morning. Low to zero maintenance? That's my kinda hairstyle.

And how I wish my hair looks like this!

This is a look by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Glossy, non-frizzy and so polished. You got my vote mister.

Link: Fall hairstyles 2011 -

Friday, March 02, 2012

Lisa Eldridge love.

I always love Lisa Eldridge and her helpful videos!

There's a new one and I think it's helpful for a lot of us who have to work in office with horrible lighting.

It looks so simple. Minimum products and voila! You look fresh, awake and polished. I feel like rushing out to get a good blush brush. *girly screams*

Loving it!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Keepsakes, love and friendzoned.

J wasn't home for Valentine's day this year and I must admit I was a little bummed out. It was very sweet that he sent flowers, but I didn't prepare anything since I thought we weren't celebrating. Oops.

Then I read on Facebook that a good ol' friend of mine decided to clear his drawer of teenage angst, a drawer full of letters, notes and keepsakes from his youth. Yes, THAT drawer.

Out of morbid curiosity, he opened a note and found that he was immediately friendzoned by a crush. In the end, he decided to throw out the entire drawer of keepsakes.

I have a drawer like this. I can't remember every single note but I am extremely curious to re-read all my notes and letters. God knows I have a crush or two back in my day. Gawd. Back in my day makes me sound prehistoric. Pffft.

Boy I crushed on for 2 whole years and I still got nervous when we last spoke. (Wow.) Boy whom I think liked me for those 2 years but never once told me. Boy whom I hung out with a couple of times. Boy whom I ... never mind. You get what I mean. All the puppy loves we all have. I don't ever regret them (excluding destructive relationships), because it was perhaps the most sincere and sweetest times in our lives.

But anyway, Valentine's day should be a day of love. Love that didn't come to anything, love that you have in your life.

So to all my crushes, family, friends and of course my husband, I love you all!

Sappy sentimental me <3
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