Thursday, March 01, 2012

Keepsakes, love and friendzoned.

J wasn't home for Valentine's day this year and I must admit I was a little bummed out. It was very sweet that he sent flowers, but I didn't prepare anything since I thought we weren't celebrating. Oops.

Then I read on Facebook that a good ol' friend of mine decided to clear his drawer of teenage angst, a drawer full of letters, notes and keepsakes from his youth. Yes, THAT drawer.

Out of morbid curiosity, he opened a note and found that he was immediately friendzoned by a crush. In the end, he decided to throw out the entire drawer of keepsakes.

I have a drawer like this. I can't remember every single note but I am extremely curious to re-read all my notes and letters. God knows I have a crush or two back in my day. Gawd. Back in my day makes me sound prehistoric. Pffft.

Boy I crushed on for 2 whole years and I still got nervous when we last spoke. (Wow.) Boy whom I think liked me for those 2 years but never once told me. Boy whom I hung out with a couple of times. Boy whom I ... never mind. You get what I mean. All the puppy loves we all have. I don't ever regret them (excluding destructive relationships), because it was perhaps the most sincere and sweetest times in our lives.

But anyway, Valentine's day should be a day of love. Love that didn't come to anything, love that you have in your life.

So to all my crushes, family, friends and of course my husband, I love you all!

Sappy sentimental me <3

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