Sunday, April 15, 2012

Forgetful owner and the lonely sidebar.

I have updated the layout of this little space since... oh dear god I can't remember. I am so busy with work that I sometimes forget how much I love surfing the net and posting things that I love!

I have been meaning to update the side bar on the right with links to site I read, because that's how I get to them anyway. I tried tracking updates using BlogLovin' but I simply couldn't keep up with the pace at which everyone updates!

I have become the senile Alzheimer-ish owner who sometimes forgets she likes writing and what day of the week it is. :(

Anyhoooooo I will update the sidebar, probably on weekends when I'm not summoned back to work. Yes, my work has come to this. Working on public holidays and weekends at my own expense. Pfffft.

Any clue on what should go in the blue box?

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