Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Return of Queen B.

Season 5 of Gossip Girl came to an end last month and it gave me hope that the shorter final season would bring all that we love back to the upper east side.

The last season was just all over the place. Silly plot lines. Dair. Marrying the Prince of Monaco. ChIvy. Lola. Seriously it was just bad with zero references to previous storylines or real life events. I used to make J watch the show with me, laughing at all the zingers and smack talk. Now I stop insisting that he does, because we all know that the Greatest Show of All Time was anything but.

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Just when we thought the show had lost its spark and the wit and I, the once undying fan, was about to quit the show, the last episode brought us right back to where we started 5 years ago. In the wise words of the one and only elusive Gossip Girl, the more we try to change, the more we stay the same.

Can't wait for the return of Queen B. This time, I'm all in.

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