Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home organizing and humidity: Round 1.

I'm always a silent lurker on home improvement sites, DIY, and probably decorate-anything-and-everything kinda sites. I've been brainwashed into thinking, now that I have my home, it can look magazine worthy too.

I picked BoConcept's living room layout in the end. Wall storage and the lot. I didn't buy everything from BoConcept of course, because I would be bankrupt by the time I was done. I got the fab coffee table after much, much consideration. In the end, my living room did not look anything like BoConcept's. I guess I lack the decorating gene because my home did not look like this.

Martha Stewart, you've ruined me. 

But after 2 years (good gawd, has it been 2 years already?! I still have crap that haven't been unpacked yet!)  at our place, it's nowhere near magazine worthy. In fact, I'm pretty sure the home improvement shows would love to have us on telly.

My bathroom does not look like this. 

All the online browsing (thank you and has got me feeling uber inspired to clean up my crap belongings. Which brings us to the next question, is this a practical way to store towels?

[Yeah... not exactly intelligent question but hey, I didn't say I was smart.]

I stay in Humidity Central and it's a miracle I'm still alive and not melting away. Wouldn't spiders and all the other creepy crawlies get their many, many legs all over your towels if they are out in the open like this? What about humidity, mould and all the splashes you get from the sink and shower?

What do you do at home?

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