Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The crazy credit card bill, drab and The White Dress.

It has been a very blah 2 weeks and I'm in such a rut. I wear black all the time, I'm starting to repeat my dresses every 2 weeks (!!!), I feel am fat, my belly shows and I need something that is flattering and nice.

[I'm a creature of habit. I wear things that are comfortable and easy to care for. I even wear the same black heels every day. Yeah... I bought 5 pairs at one go in Seoul. Fits well, zero blisters. Heaven.

I haven't worn the burgundy or the one with the bow yet. And Seoul was almost a year ago. Yikes.

And the black one is almost on its way out. :(  le sigh.]

I've got to stop going back to the same ol' things and I'm starting to feel drab. Anyhoo I need a quick shopping fix. And maybe quit drinking the 10 cocktails that are contributing to my waist line.

May I present, The White Dress.

This one is a peplum zip front dress from Asos. I think the zipper lengthens the body and makes me look taller. Me likes. And at $96 it's pretty affordable.

-- Buy it here on Asos

Coast Enna Dress is flattering too. All the drapey goodness to hide the flab and still look put together at the same time. But this is a whopping $246. I'm still smarting from April's Citibank bill (which unfortunately exceeded my monthly salary by a jaw dropping $3000) so I don't think I'm going to spend that much on a dress.

But oh how I wish I could!

-- Buy it here on Asos

What to do, what to do.

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