Tuesday, May 07, 2013

When my skin falls apart.

For the past 2 3 4 6 months (let's just leave it at 6 because I'm about to cry), I was soooo soooo busy that I was practically running on fumes. Naturally, you can hardly call my lifestyle urm balanced. Rushed meals, fast food, erratic sleeping hours and utter lack of exercise (unless you count the daily walks to the bus stop)  have rendered me a whale of a person. I feel like Jabba the hut with bad skin.

On my weekends I've tried to go for facials but since my schedule was so unpredictable, I could only call to make appointments on Friday evening or Saturday morning, praying that everyone has such good skin there's an empty slot of 3 hours for me. (Really, it takes that long. All that washing and masking and exfoliating. It's really nice, and the scent of Dermalogica massage oil puts me to sleep. Facial and a nap, no wonder I always feel better.)

Anyway no facials for the past 6 months.

Now, I'm fat with a muffin top and my skin is just... oh my god where do I begin. It feels tight after I wash it. I look tired all the time. My pores are gigantic volcano craters and not to mention the pimple scars. Seriously my life (and face) can't be any worse.

(For all my skin battles, go to here. It's a never ending uphill battle against pimples, sensitivity, aging and dehydration. Whatever can go wrong has gone wrong.)

My results of skipping weekly mask and exfoliation:

  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Dull looking skin, with uneven colour
  • More pimples, especially at jaw and chin area
  • Slow healing of acne scars

Steps that I've used to bring back my skin to "normal":

  • Using products containing hyaluronic acid- My Hada Labo toner 
  • Drinking lots of water! Actually, no. I hate water, and subconsciously I hardly refill my water bottle when I run out.

HAHAHA. What results?

I think the Hada Labo toner works. My face no longer feels like it's about to crack after I wash it, but I won't say that it's all bouncy and healthy like a baby's bottom. I'm using the blue one, with arbutin for whitening. I don't want to be fair, I just want my skintone to be even and the scars to lighten.

No amount of skincare products will help unless I actively cut down on the coffees that power me throughout the day, get more sleep and lower my stress/anger levels. I've thought about going back to the dermatologist but who has the money ($250 per session me thinks) and time (1 hour wait for a 5 minute laser zap) to do this every week?!

Le sigh.

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