Friday, June 14, 2013

E3, games and the emergence of my inner geek.

I've tried. Really. With every fibre of my being, I did not write anything about E3 2013 but my inner geek (inner? really? It's all out there under the sun.) broke out the huge grin on my face as news of PS4, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty and all the goodness Disney became oh-so-real. Yeah. All the fun stuff are coming to the stores near you. Time to lock and load!

Seriously Xbox ONE. You got pwned. End of friggin story.

Can't share games.
Can't play your old games.
Need to be online all the time even though I'm just playing my own game in my own little world.
And the creepy camera that watches you the whole time and sends gawd-knows-what back to Microsoft as you battle your way through Call of Duty.

(It's not really just nerd fandom who's flipping tables in rage. Microsoft's response: Don't like Xbox ONE? Keep playing your old Xbox 360. Read this on the Consumerist. You'll burn for this.)

I'm so glad Sony one-upped you like nobody's business.

Enough about the console war. My heart has always belonged to PlayStation. PS 1,2 (I've got 2. Left 1 at home and took the other to uni),3 (I've got 2. Think J burnt out the CPU on the first one.), PSP and PS Vita.

So PS4. Christmas 2013.

I'm a nerd. Sigh, despite my penchance for Chanel and Ferragamo shoes, I'll always have my games so this video put a wide silly grin on my face when I watched it in office. Yeah, I was lucky no one was around in my room.

ZOMG! Final Fantasy XV! Seriously I need to finish my FF13 stat.

Kingdom Hearts 3!

Disney Infinity

Can't. Breathe.

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