Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grown up, self-centered and unkind.

I haven't been writing much for ages. I've been trying to post interesting finds on the interwebs, but nothing on actual thoughts. That says a lot about my life in general. Lots going on, but nothing cerebral to shout about. Work, bills, obligations. No one said being a grown-up was easy. Maybe that's why we drink like a fish now. Nothing cures stress and frustration like a cold stiff drink in hand and venting endlessly. (Spoken like the true blue alcoholic)

-- Mmmmm "Between the Sheets". Yummmmmmmm.

20s was a blast. I shopped and holidayed my pain away. Now that I'm in my 30s (gooooooood lawdddddddddd) and I can't just fly away on a whim or buy lots of clothes like money is getting out of fashion, I drink. Cest la vie.

As I get older (sigh.) I realise nothing matters. Our family is all we have. And what's family? It's the intangible that holds us together.

Does it matter if I have all the money in the world and no family and friends to share it with?
Does it matter if I'm awesome at my job but universally hated?
Does it matter if I am clever beyond Mensa's imagination but I'm a total assbag to my family and friends?
Does it matter if I wear Prada but I can't give a hoot about the poor and underprivileged?
Does it matter if I'm queen of the universe but I'm just absolutely evil?

Nothing matters if you are empty and shallow inside.

See, not everyone agrees.

I volunteered for the intellectually disabled just last week, and I'm very drained. The whole event went smoothly without a hitch and everyone had a great time. We took the nice people out to the beach, put together simple games which the folks enjoyed and gave out fabulous goodie bags for them to bring home. Very fulfilling.

I'm drained. Not because it was a very long day at the beach, or the long days leading up to the event. It was the odd comments and chatter that was draining.

People whined.
People didn't show up because this event wouldn't "contribute to their career". "I have so much work to do. It's just another meeting/event right?"
People who only took part because it gave them exposure to the bosses.

It angers me to know that we are so self centered, that we won't spare a day of our time to bring joy to a group of underprivileged folks, who have no opportunity to go to a beach because their family do not have the means to bring them out. We won't do anything if it doesn't benefit us in any way.

I'm no saint but it is infuriating to know that we are such selfish creatures. I can't give them a piece of my mind because of the strict workplace etiquette and guidelines, but I think people need a stern talking-to. Does it matter if you can churn out a report in 4 hours at the expense of helping out the less fortunate? If you are so busy with work, what makes you think that the rest of your colleagues aren't busy? If the bosses can show up on time at 8 in the morning, play silly games and put on funny hats all in the name of charity, what's your excuse?

What happened to love and kindness?

I have no time or patience for these people. I can't look at them with a straight face.

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