Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shallow me and maybe a drunken post.

I know the Cannes festival was months ago, I just realised this post was in draft. Silly me. But the more I read the post, the more drunk and vapid I sounded. I recommend you skip all the words and jibberish and just look at the pictures. Because I might have downed more alcohol, knowing full well that my life will never be as fabulous as theirs.

Marion Cotillard. She's perfect.

She always looks natural and happy to be there. I'm really considering chopping my locks to get her haircut now.

Chanel Fall 2013 and my makeup always look the same.

Remember the occasional accidental visits to Chanel I mentioned a few weeks ago? I've stopped going to town. Just so I won't drop by, try on new makeup and buy maybe a couple of nail polishes and powders to perk up my day.

But I haven't stopped browsing all the goodness online. Dear gawd you are not helping.

Chanel Superstition Fall 2013.

I don't need more makeup. Hell, I still have makeup that I haven't used, like the Urbay Decay eyeshadows. Mostly because I don't know how, and I just don't have the time every morning to make magic happen. But, I still want the new blush and lippie. Swoon.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Scootin' to Sydney and our love for pesto pasta began.

On my trip to Sydney last week, I had one of the most refreshing inflight meals. See, I was flying Scoot, a budget airline. Well J and I opted for ScootBiz, since there was just no way we were going to fly cattle class on a budget airline overnight for 7 hours. We are too old and spoilt at this point in our lives to do that now.

Anyhoooo, somewhere above 30000ft in the sky, we were served stewed beef in red wine, accompanied by a cold pesto pasta salad and apple crumble. We were floored. It was one of the best inflight meals we've had among all the budget airlines we've taken.

Ever since then, I have a craving for cold pesto pasta salad. Something easy with greens.

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