Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happiness will not be downloaded.

I'm a firm believer of The Maker. Not God, but the importance of tangible achievement.

There is no joy from being a keyboard warrior. All the typing and word documents and spreadsheets do not match up to something tangible, like the macarons you (try to) bake. They look less like Laduree's and more like (in J's words) fairy t-u-r-d macarons but the joy you get from seeing them rise in the oven is priceless.

-- Not the ones I baked but similar with the little tip at the top. Sigh.


Yeah.... I am a crappy baker.

Work and the meaning of life

Wow has it been 3 months since my last post?

Guess I'm just uninspired.

Work had taken over and I really couldn't remember the last time I didn't bring work home. It was so bad that I had started gnashing my teeth in my sleep, dreaming about Excel spreadsheets and waking up with clenched fists. As I type the words out, I wish I had been joking or exaggerating about the Excel spreadsheets. Sigh. Life as a grown up with bills is hard.

An opportunity came up some time in October and I grabbed onto it like it was the last float in the sinking ship that I was in. To me, it was make-or-break time. Sure it wasn't something in my comfort zone and it threw me off my career path a little but hey, a girl's gotta get out while she still can, right?

So here I am, 2 months as a secondee, running/manning/babysitting projects at the client's office.

Anyway back to how life as a grown up is hard.

Every morning I take the bus to work. It's a 45-minute journey to Mordor and much like Lord of the Rings, I enjoy the scenery/weirdos along the way. Every now and then I'll spot the fanciest, latest and greatest cars on Earth at the traffic lights. I mean, these guys are on their way to work as well but here I am, having arm contact with a weird stranger on a crowded bus while they are all buckled up in their Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis. Like this morning, a Rolls Royce stopped right next to me.

I'm so insanely jealous.

(At one point, J and I thought there must be a sale at Maseratis because a friend of ours got one. And we saw 5 on the same stretch of road. Are they giving away Maseratis now? We don't need a new car, much less a fancy one but seriously where did the money come from?)

And to reiterate in case I go off tangent again, where did all the money come from? Am I doing something wrong? Well, obviously because lowly employees like me won't ever make it big and stay on a private island. A supercar costs around $500,000. You can buy a small apartment with that.

This came to mind as I'm typing the post. The cleaning lady just came into the room to tip the rubbish bin. We smiled and exchanged pleasantries. She's around 50 and she takes care of the office, maybe 6 floors of it. She earns about $1300 a month, tops. (The lady who cleans the washrooms earns only around $1000 and she works 5 days a week, 12 hours a day.) How do you live, knowing that life isn't as hard as we thought it is and yet we can't stop complaining about it?

We're healthy and have a comfortable lifestyle while there are people who have trouble getting by. Sometimes I just feel ashamed for being so lucky. J thinks we should be thankful for what we have.

So what will you do if money was no object?

I'll set my family up. I'll take a reduced portfolio at work and do charity work at the hospital. I'll take my mom and dad on a vacation they so need. I'll help the poor, elderly, children, disadvantaged and sidelined. I want to do something tangible to help.

What will you do?

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