Friday, February 08, 2013

Spring cleaning mania

As Chinese New Year draws closer, my panic-freak-out-let's-clean-everything side takes over. I think when you use Google Calendar to organise your cleaning routine, it's time you acknowledge there's a problem and you need help.

There is just too much to do. My living room is in a perpetual state of chaos, since we use it as a home office. There's mail, laptops (there're 3 of us at home but my dining table looks like we are operating a call center), magazines, newspaper, loose stationery (the last I counted: 3 pens, 2 rubber bands about 5 paper clips), bits of twisty tie only god knows where that came from, 2 iPad/iPhone cables, 2 ipads, 3 iphones and a partridge in a pear tree.

And my console table is a permanent dropbox for everyone. Keys, opened mail, unopened mail, work stuff (mostly mine), comic books (mostly my brother's), 2 headphones (all J's) and various snacks. The couch is where all clean laundry goes (to die). For some reason, I'm the designated fold-er in the family so all the clean laundry goes from the rack onto the couch, while everyone waits for the clothes to be magically sorted, folded and placed in their respective wardrobes.

-- As seen on tv! where magic happens.

Sigh. This is so NOT the dream apartment I had in mind.

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