Saturday, May 17, 2014

Me time and the time to refresh.

"My hair feels funky and I'm a mess. What do you think?"

"Maybe a haircut and a wash will do you good."

So yup, I actually got an honest answer from a man that I needed professional help. So I booked an appointment with Rebecca, my trusty hairdresser whom I've been going to since 2007. Well I didn't see her for a year when I was prego so I badly needed a trim. Nothing wrong with my long locks, and I could definitely rock a tennis player ponytail. I could keep the long locks tied up in a bun, but that would probably contribute to hair loss and that's a problem I didn't want to aggravate. It's time to get a fresh look, to get out of the house.

YouTube rant and the loss of privacy.

Why can't I embed YouTube videos from my iPhone? I'm practically chained to an infant who will only sleep when he's sprawled over my body, rendering me immobile because I can't deal with a wailing child. I can only move my fingers when he's asleep and this is the only free time I have to pen my thoughts, coherent or otherwise. 

And the new YouTube app on iPhone sucks big time. I want to watch popular videos when my infant sleeps. Again on the can't-move-freely constraint. I want to watch something that is deemed interesting by the world, similar to the "top viewed/ most watched" category from the old YouTube. Now I'm stuck with videos people on the island watch most, and what's worse, YouTube recommends the most asinine videos and channels. Seriously I feel dumber and angrier everytime I launch the app. 

Plus, the whole signing in thing reeks of privacy invasion. It's like going to the supermarket and the staff who stocks the shelves wants you to fill in your oarticulars to shop better. Hey I just want to buy the milk and bread and leave. Or just buy the newest product you have without your recommendation. I'm a wildcard like that. Why do you need my particulars? It's just very Big Brother-esque and I just don't buy it.

I want to watch videos without signing in. I don't want to customize or come up with a playlist just to watch videos. How hard is that?

YouTube/google people, fix this.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Big 10 Month Gap.

Wow has it been 10 months since? Well a lot have changed around here.

I have a newborn baby now and I've taken the rest of the year off. Wheeeeeeeee!

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