Saturday, May 17, 2014

Me time and the time to refresh.

"My hair feels funky and I'm a mess. What do you think?"

"Maybe a haircut and a wash will do you good."

So yup, I actually got an honest answer from a man that I needed professional help. So I booked an appointment with Rebecca, my trusty hairdresser whom I've been going to since 2007. Well I didn't see her for a year when I was prego so I badly needed a trim. Nothing wrong with my long locks, and I could definitely rock a tennis player ponytail. I could keep the long locks tied up in a bun, but that would probably contribute to hair loss and that's a problem I didn't want to aggravate. It's time to get a fresh look, to get out of the house.

- Ana Ivanovich
(Probably not her physique but my ponytail could rival her ponytail. That's all I've got.)

Now I have a lob! 

It was the best hour I've had in a long time. It was just me in a chair and no crying baby. I could read fashion magazines (!!!) and feel no guilt because hey, there was no way I could hold a baby during my haircut. It was me time.

I felt so cut off from the world. There were new shops, new articles and perspectives, new products that could have saved my skin and hair from the onslaught of pre and post pregnancy hormones. I felt inspired. I want to feel better about myself and motherhood. Who is to say that a good devoted mother is measured about how frumpy she looks? I hopped off the chair, feeling fresh, light and inspired.

(Light because Rebecca probably lopped off half my hair when she cut it. I can tie my hair now without worrying that the weight of the bun would yank off more hair along the hairline.)

I saw haircare products in the magazine and promptly got these after my visit to Rebecca. 

I read great reviews in the magazines on Tsubaki products. I've always loved Japanese products because they are catered for Asian skin and hair. Tsubaki is made by Shiseido so that's almost a guarantee in quality.

The Tsubaki Head Spa Extra Cleansing oil shampoo removes excess sebum and products from the scalp and hair. I was a little hesitant because the idea of using an oil to remove more gunk from my hair seemed counterintuitive. But I was happily mistaken about this! Remember how my hair and scalp felt funky, which prompted my visit to Rebecca? Well my hair and scalp felt clean. As in gunk/grease/funk free. 

The leave in conditioner was amazing too! My hair actually shines and looks healthy. Both the shampoo and leave in conditioner contain camellia extracts so they have a floral scent. Not too sweet and strong, just light enough. Just right.

Haircut, healthy locks and 2 great products to maintain this boost in mood and confidence. 

Hour at the salon well spent indeed. 

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