Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Big 10 Month Gap.

Wow has it been 10 months since? Well a lot have changed around here.

I have a newborn baby now and I've taken the rest of the year off. Wheeeeeeeee!

Pregnancy was hard. Morning sickness is a misnomer since I could outpuke anyone anytime of the day. Every morning when I woke up and sat up in bed, popped went the weasel. By the time I stumbled to the washroom to wash up, I would get nauseous. It would be a good day if I didn't walk out the front door without throwing up thrice.  

(While searching for related pictures online, I actually found out that people design bags for morning sickness! Morning chicness bags, The Barf Boutique etc. Urm I just used regular plastic bags, double lined because I found out the hard gross way.)

The commute to work wasn't pleasant either. Throwing up in cabs/my car was just horrible. It got so bad I gave up on public transport because I couldn't survive the hour long bus ride and puke fest. So yeah my brother would drive me to work whenever he could. Needless to say I blew quite a fair bit of my pay on cab rides to and from work.

In the first trimester I could only eat double choc chip cookies to mask the taste of bile in my mouth. Then my taste changed. I couldn't drink ice lemon tea because it suddenly tasted like detergent. The choc chip cookies phase went away because it suddenly became too sweet. 

It got better. I could eat like a normal human being again. I put on 15kg throughout the entire pregnancy and non of it went to my arms, legs or face so that's a relief. But I got tired really quickly. Walked home from the front gate? Tired. Worked the whole day? Collapsing any moment. Stat. I slept by 9pm like the geriatric.

And out came the baby 40+ weeks later. 40+ weeks. As the doctor out it, it's a 6 star hotel in the womb with fluffy bedding and room service. He wasn't budging from that.

(My doctor was fabulous and godsend. She was calm and reassuring, an I felt absolutely comfortable in her hands. It also helped when she looked like this.

The kindest grandma in the world, complete with her hair in a bun and a brooch on her blouse.)

I took the rest of the year so I could be with the little monkey. I'm glad I made the choice. He's growing like a weed and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Except the fussing and crying at 3 in the morning. And 4am. And 5am. Till you realize you've hardly slept. Gawdddddd I need sleep.

So yay, I'm in the club now. Will write more between nappies, tears and wiping drool from his gummy mouth!

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