Monday, June 23, 2014

Beautiful homes, practical living and home envy.

Whenever I feel blah, I browse through Flipboard, blog sites and online magazines for inspiration. It's pure escapism. Beautiful people and beautiful places. Now that we have a baby, it is hard to let go of our dream home where bring sunlight shines into the home with chic furnishing casually lying around the house.

How is this possible? Bright sun, lovely furnishing, chic pillows. I get a serious case of home envy when I chance upon beautiful home decors and diy and whatever it is that people do to make their homes look fit for a magazine shoot. Chic vignettes, candles and peonies.

See, my room doesn't look like this.
I have a foldout crib because the baby's cot is too big for us to wheel it in and out of his nursery. Plus, we have curtains because I'm not comfortable with our neighbours looking into our unit.

Such a cute bedside table arrangement!

How can someone's bedside table be so, urm, curated and minimalist? Ive always dreamed of something neat and girly. Peonies, scented candles and fashion reads. Everything after my heart.

-- From A Girl, A Style.

Instead I have
  1. a pair of tortoiseshell spectacles, which is hopefully just coloured plastic because I would hate for it to be real shell.  
  2. eclectic collection of books I haven't read. Eclectic loosely translates to old magazines, 2 novels which are at least 2 years old and the ever trusty dogeared "What to Expect When You Are Expecting". 
  3. a tiny pot of fake flowers. Check.
  4. snacks.
  5. a breast pump for late night duties.
  6. post natal supplements.
  7. a box of tissues to wipe up the baby's spit.
  8. glass of juice/water.
  9. lotions and potions.
My bedside table looks more like this.

-- From Google Search "messy bedside table"

As much as I love the candles and cut flowers by my table, I'm not sure I want to rummage through my drawers or go to the nursery in the middle of the night when I'm on mommy duties. That's the last thing I need. I can just see myself stretching my arm in the dark and feeling for my glasses, and just accidentally brush the glass vase of cut peonies onto the floor. I know because I've done that to a glass of milk at 3 in the morning. Cleaning up was not fun at all.

How do people live with white sheets and a end table/couch at the end of the bed? It looks amazing and I always swoon when I visit a hotel with beautiful arrangements like this. I can just picture myself casually setting a Hermes shawl on the couch, while I sit down and take my fabulous Valentino studded heels off. A girl can dream.

I don't know how the couch/table works. Because I would kick the duvet or somehow topple the beautiful vase of flowers off the couch/table. It will not be neat. My duvet would bunch up at the end of the bed while I sprawl unglamorously across the bed in my old comfy tshirt, sleeping soundly without realising that the water from the vase is seeping and soaking the beautiful rug that is sitting under that couch/table. Is this a practical arrangement? I'm just curious to find out if I'm the only one with the duvet bunching/things toppling problem.

And white crisp sheets? A thing of the past. The baby coughs and spits up stuff occasionally and I don't think I can manage all that laundry. Le sigh.

Brights pops of colour? Love it but not in my room and fuchsia is probably too girly for J. OUR bedroom, not my bedroom. That's what I always have on my mind when I pick out things for our home. Nothing too girly because we are not just living together in one house, we are sharing our lives.

So yeah, I have a serious case of home decor envy every time I look through Apartment Therapy, Dwell, Lonny and other bloggers' home improvement sites. Love them, can't replicate them in real life.

Le sigh.

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