Saturday, June 21, 2014

Being with the baby and J goes off to work.

It's our sixth day at home without J and boy is the house quiet, besides the occasional gurgle from The Baby.

When J was home, we always seemed busy. Coffees at caf├ęs, lunches at malls, idle strolls around the supermarkets and shops (because it's cool for the baby) and the numerous playtimes J had with The Baby. 

Now that he's at work, it is just the 2 of us.
Plus the helper. The Baby seems to know his papa bear is away at work and he was a bit sad and quiet the first day. Every morning J would sit with him near the balcony and listen to the chirping birds. They have father and son chats in the mornings while I steal a little shuteye. Now that J is back at work, I can't seem to get the baby ready in time for the chirping birds. The birds are all hiding from the vicious sun and it's just the hum of the fan whirring away. I was getting worried about how he would react for the rest of J's work and how J would cope being away from his little one.

After his papa bear talked to him over Facetime on Monday he seemed to be his happy self again. Unbelievably calm and cooperative. No more holding and pacing him around the apartment at night because he refuses to go to bed. He even naps during the day now. Yesterday after he blew bubbles at J over FaceTime, he took the bottle eagerly. (!!!) we have been trying to start him on the bottle and it's a battle every single time. I think it's the papa bear effect. 

You must have gathered now that all the above is something new for us.

It is hard to be with a young baby on your own. I can't help but feel alone sometimes. No one (my age) to talk to and just me and my iPhone and iPad whenever the baby has a nap. Well I'm doing a bit of research on baby friendly places for some fun mother and son good times so hopefully we can go out soon!

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