Monday, June 09, 2014

Falling in love with Jo Malone again.

I love Jo Malone.

I love the power of scents and fragrance. The sense of smell is a powerful sense and often overlooked. For me, it triggers sentiment and affects my mood and behavior. It's like hugging your baby pillow, and the smell calms and comforts you. The shopping malls that understand this and add scents to their air conditioners often get my business. The smell of freshness and calm, especially in this hot and humid climate of ours, is refreshing. I instantly feel better when I step through the door, which is why I hardly frequent other malls nowadays.

My first fragrance from Jo Malone was  Nectarine Blossom and Honey and I wore it very often when I got ready for work. The light floral scent is just a great pick me up in the morning. 

And of course that visit to Jo Malone burnt a big hole in my pocket. Soaps, body creme, linen spray (limone!!!) and of course the cologne set me back a huge deal. It is a treat for J and I, to go to work smelling great, and to come back home to a wonderful smelling haven.

- If money were no issue I'll buy the whole lot. I'll even host a Jo Malone tea party and give them out as gifts because they are that good.

I get a lot of promotional mail in my inbox and I always read the Jo Malone ones. Complimentary hand massages or the invitation to try new scents are always so tempting. Plus, black and white are so my colours.

And peonies. Who can say no to peonies?

- Peonies!!!! 

(Well it turns out that I can. The Peony and Suede cologne is a tad too sweet for me.)

I swung by Jo Malone yesterday, hoping to try something new and maybe ship it back from the US because it's cheaper. I mean, why does it cost so much more expensive here than the US and UK? I think $200 is too much for a spray. 

Hmmm I did spend $230 on Chanel Exclusif. Hmmmmmm indeed.

I tried Earl Grey and Cucumber, Wild Bluebell, Peony and Suede and Ted Roses. Love them all.

Earl Grey and Cucumber is very unique. It starts of with earl grey and slowly morphs into the freshness and crisp scent of cucumber and bergamot. Something that leaves you wondering, what's that scent and I kept going back to it. Perfect.

Red Roses is pure and simply roses. Romantic but not overpowering. Something I'll wear when I have one of those girly girl days.

This brought me to a brand new question. Do fragrances degrade with time? 

Well, they don't actually go bad but the scents can change.

I'm a hoarder. I have way too many things stashed away and fragrances is one of them. I have at least 4 bottles of unopened goodies and I am not ready to buy more just to use them "once in a while". It seems silly to spend so much on something so nice, just to use it sparingly and let it degrade over time. Plus I've realized the horror and shame of ownership. More on that next time. But yeah, almost $400 on things that may go bad seems such a waste.

Sigh I guess I'll save Jo Malone for later.

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