Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our first Father's Day and our papa bear.

It's Father's Day today and J flew off for work early this morning around 1am.

It is J's first Father's Day and when we knew he had to leave for work, we were extremely upset. We went out for little treats all last week and I wish we could have made it special for him. 

J has been a wonderful father to The Baby. He took long leave from work and stayed home with me since January. We went for all my checkups together and waited nervously for the little one's arrival.  He was there to snip the cord and make little one's first footprint. He stayed up at night to rock The Baby to sleep, an woke up when The Baby fussed and changed his nappy. J has been my rock.

Now that he's off to work, I feel isolated and lonely at home. It's me and The Baby, and we both miss our Papa Bear. 

Happy Father's Day, J. We love you more than anything in the world. We'll stay well for the next 5 weeks and time will pass so quickly and before we know it, you will be home with us again.

Love you.

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