Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Skin care and scaring the baby.

Now that I'm chair/baby bound most of the day, I've been thinking of upping my skincare routine.

My face has never looked clearer. I have spots but they are mostly around my jawline. The face is clear and a little dehydrated. Clear skin hasn't happened since mmm pre-puberty. It could be the readjustment of hormones post childbirth but I'll try and hang on to this for as long as I can.

(Actually at the time of this post, which is a full 2 months after I drafted it, I have full blow dry skin now. Face, arms, legs.. everywhere. So dry that I'm peeling and cracking. Ughhhhhh.)

So this brings us to the key question: can I sit around with a face mask on without scaring the baby?

- We never look like this. 

- More like this.

(Who wears lippie and false lashes when she puts a face mask on?!)

Before we move on, I do sit around with clear face mask that I smear on my face. Those ones don't bother me or the baby. It's the humongous stash of mask sheets I've accumulated pre-pregnancy that I'm keen to clear out of my medicine cupboard.

My stash is bigger than this. See, I'm a sucker for cute and pretty packaging and I like to give product some time to prove itself. So instead of buying just 1 sheet to try out, I buy 3. I'm a hoarder, I need therapy or clarity from a higher plane of consciousness to purge my life. Yes I talk like that now because I watch daytime television.

Will the baby freak out when he sees me? 

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