Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things that go out the window when you have a baby - Part 1.

  1. Hygiene.
  2. Baby comes first. It's those times when you get drool, pee and the occasional poo on you.
  3. Me time.
  4. No more spa, facials or baths. Or sleep.
  5. Gourmet meals.
  6. Or normal meals. You eat leftovers from the previous meals so you don't have to cook.
  7. Sanity.
  8. Try walking around the house for ages, comforting a wailing child. While wearing a ratty home tshirt and wishing you could have a bath.
  9. Fashion sense.
  10. While it perks me up when I get washed and dressed, I don't stay pristine, especially in my white Calvin Klein silk top for long. I'm home all day with my hair up in a banana clip. Fashion forward I'll say.
  11. Romance.
  12. Pfft who has time or mood for that. It's nappies and tears from now on.
  13. Mini Cooper or any sort of convertible.
    The car seat won't fit! My friend had to open the roof of his Mini Cooper so they could fit the car seat and somehow stuff the stroller in the boot. Goodbye wind-in-my-hair coastal drive and the dream of owning a convertible before we retire.
  14. Chic home.
    Again with the baby things all over the unit. I had this conversation last night with K. She was musing about her grandma, who has devolved from an OCD homemaker who couldn't stand a single out of place towel to one who lives like a bag lady because she has things all over the apartment within reach. Think tissue box, soothing balm and remote control on her coffee table next to her drinking glass. The odd rubber bands and paper clips next to the telephone "just in case" she needs them.

    Yeah my place looks like that now. In fact I have tissue boxes everywhere to manage the Baby's drool.

The list goes on, but this is all I can come up with my sleep deprived mind. Yawns.

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