Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Zimmerman Roamer Day Dress and fighting the urge to impulse shop.

When Kate Middleton visited Australia, she wore this dress to Manly beach. It was simple, chic and everything I love.

Except for the price.
It's going for AUD$495 before delivery charges and this is the sale price.

This dress is from Zimmerman and it's a little unlike their usual offering. I always had the impression that Zimmerman clothes are a little loud and more geared towards the party scene. Now that I'm a responsible adult, I buy clothes that I can wear to work and off work so I tend to just skip brands that cater to the party crowd.

Anyway, let's bask in the gloriousness that is the Roamer Day Dress.

I'm very tempted to buy the dress but it's AUD$495 and sold out in all sizes. Pfffft.

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Here I am, almost Zen like in my approach to shopping, when I'm being bombarded by sales and beautiful things. Surely I can stand back and appreciate beautiful things, and fight the impulse to run out and buy it?

A more affordable alternative can be found on Asos.com

The dress is in a cute mint colour, and very affordable at $90 with free shipping!

A slightly longer midi dress is also available in green on Asos!

It goes for SGDS$147 with free shipping as well.

Must. Exercise. Self. Control.

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