Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lipstick, mismatch and a whole waste of time and money.

What would you do when you finally decided to try something new, and when you did, it was all wrong for you?

I tried the nude lipstick. Of course it went downhill.

Enter the Letdown: Revlon ColorBurst in Soft Nude.

-- I didn't even take this picture because I was too disappointed to go near it ever again.

It looks beautiful, but it's just all sorts of wrong when it's on me.

It's drier than my normal lippie and I look weird. I look like I fell asleep under the sun and my lips were the one bit with extra strength SPF on. It's not a good look. I feel like crap now, since I've spent $23 on a lippie that doesn't suit me.

On a separate note, why are drugstore cosmetics so expensive in Asia? $23 on a lipstick? It's not Mac, it's not Dior or Chanel. Revlon. R-E-V-L-O-N. Available on for a cool $5.

Chanel Rouge Allure and Coco retail for US$35 each.

Here on the sunny island? A cool $46.

Anyway an oldie is a goldie. Love my ol' Lancome Rouge Magnetic. It glides on effortlessly and the color is a perfect fit. I've had it for years and I don't quite know what happened to the range, since I don't see it in the shops anymore. :(

I have several lippies, which is plenty I guess. In order of awesomeness, Chanel Peregrina, Lancome Rouge Magnetic in 319 Un Ange Passe and No. 7 in Allure by Poppy King. They go on smoothly and I actually feel great about myself when they go on. Unlike the Revlon Colorburst. I still have a few other Rouge Allures, lippies from The Face Shop and lip balms from Fresh. 

-- Love the stain from Rose!

(Some people have drawers full of lippies, lip glosses and balms. Mmm I only have a pair of lips and since I only need a little each time, why would I need 50 of them? I believe they do go bad / change their texture once they are used. All that makeup, bacteria, moisture and oils from our lips can't possibly do no harm to the lippies, right?)

So what do you do with a lip color which doesn't suit you? Do you chuck it? It's such a waste though, because I've only applied it ONCE. Will anyone want this? Can I blend it with another colour?

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