Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Baby's first book - Where is the green sheep by Mem Fox.

Ever since our little bundle of joy came into our lives, we've been reading to the little one.

His favourite? "Where is the green sheep" by Mem Fox. We received this as a gift from our aussie family when baby boo was just 3 weeks old!

He loves this book. His eyes just open wide and his face lights up with excitement every time we show him the book, or just mention "green sheep".

I like this version I found on Amazon as well!

Donda esta la oveja verde? hahaha we can learn spanish because now I know oveja = sheep

As much as I love books and anything for baby boo, I'm not big on getting more things into our tiny apartment. We are running out of room. Plus, how can we keep getting different books without going broke? Enter the National Library.

We love the library. We visit the library every 2-3 weeks to return and borrow more books. Books in Chinese, books in English, picture books and even books for me. The baby loves the trip out, and flipping all the hardcover books at the library so it's a win for all of us.

Mom saw the new books we borrowed yesterday and decided to read to baby boo while I ran off to attend to errands/chores/shower.

Mom: "Wow books these days are so hard!"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Mom: "Well, A is no longer apple. A is arma-something-how-do-you-pronounce-this-arma-dill-lo!"
Me: "Urm, this is an animal book so maybe A is just a little difficult. Maybe C will be better. C is for Cat!"
Mom: "No, C is for Chimpanzee."

Seriously, since when did ABC Animals get so hard?

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