Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Can't wait: Jurassic World - Official Trailer 2015

Omg. This is really happening.

That gate.

-- Screencaps from the video. Everything belongs to Universal Pictures.

The light tinkering of the classic Jurassic Park theme we all remember from our awesome childhood. *goosebumps*

You get a view of the new park/world and gawd I want to visit it so badly. Remember the T rex goat feeding scene? Well well, we have one at the new park too. Scheduled feeding complete with splash zones just like Universal Studios.

Dear Universal Studios, you know how much I love thee. I have annual passes and J and I even make your Halloween Horror Nights our wedding anniversary celebration instead of the usual romantic dinners most couples do. We love you, we really do.

Now, we love your parks. If Universal Pictures doesn't mess up this Jurassic World movie, can you please include this movie as part of your theme park? I mean, your Waterworld show has a floating stage for crying out loud. A little modification and we can have the same shark feeding scene at the same location!. Splash zones can stay. We have raincoats.

Thanks! XOXO

That flare. Ian Malcolm lives on.

Life finds a way.


I can't wait for 12 June 2015 to arrive! *squeals*

Visit for more juicy details!

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